Smart clothes that prevent injuries before they happen.

Analysing biosignals from built-in motion detectors, training load and muscle use imbalance trackers, and dehydration, fatigue and regeneration monitors, our smart clothes for athletes are the first in the world to maximize training efficiency, spot injury potential, and ensure quicker and safer recovery.
 Start training smarter, #WearHiggsone.

Problem is real

Overtraining, dehydration, bad posture, lack of proper rehab and downtime. All of it contributes to injury and re-injury risk and can affect potential – bane of any athlete’s existence.

Professional athletes suffer over 2000 injuries per 10 000 individuals, placing sports in top 5 occupations most prone to injury. Roughly 94% of professional athletes with have to face injury at least once over the course of their career.

Why we do it?

Treating sports injuries is a multi-billion dollar affair, affecting athletes’ physical and mental well-being, their life and career, despite roughly 50% of them being preventable (SCET Berkeley). Imagine how much more efficient and safer sports would be if injuries could be accurately predicted, avoided, and treated…

We changed the game

Now you don’t have to wonder! Our team of wearables experts came up with the solution – smart clothes for athletes. Our biosensors built into the sportswear itself track your movement and posture, monitor vitals, check muscle tension and analyse sweat in real time.

That way, you can be alerted of any injury risks before they have the chance to become a serious issue, personalize trainings to each individual’s specific needs to maximize their efficiency, and keep track of post-injury rehabilitation to determine appropriate Return-To-Sports periods and avoid re-injury.

Start training smarter today.

When it comes to your health, there is no such thing as too much data. Get your supersuit today and start training smarter. #WearHiggsone.