Every story has a beginning

Every superhero has a backstory. Ours starts with an injury. When our CEO suffered a sports injury forcing her to take a break from volleyball, an idea sparked into her head. Now, several years and a dozen new team members later, that idea was brought to reality. Say hi to Higgsone!

Our mission is to create a super advanced, super innovative set of smart clothes for athletes, capable of enhancing performance, predicting injuries before they happen and monitoring rehabilitation processes.

With the help of our amazing investors, we’ve already had the chance to create suit prototypes and start testing them alongside professional athletes and against medical-grade equipment. This is a one-of-a-kind project, capable of revolutionizing the world of sports forever.

But we’re not stopping there! Our success in the development stage allowed us to gather an additional funding round to go towards building a sweat sensor for our suits, used to analyze sweat contents to detect stress, strain and dehydration.

This is only the first chapter. Step into the future, #WearHiggsone, and become part of the story.