Pioneering smart clothes technology

World’s first set of smart clothes for athletes, capable of predicting and preventing injury, monitoring and speeding up rehabilitation, and providing vital information to personalize and maximize training routines, all through the power of our advanced biosensor technologies.
Roughly 94% of professional athletes get injured at least once over the course of their career, with 60% of the injuries requiring long-term rehabilitation.
Don’t take chances with your health, start training smarter today.

The Suit

Comfortable, technologically advanced and machine-washable – that’s what the Higgsone smart clothes are all about.
Using a body area network composed of vital signs monitoring biosensors and motion detectors, this supersuit for athletes ensures the safest and most efficient training and recovery experience for the user.

Injury prevention across all sports

You can take it anywhere

Freedom of movement

Multple sizes

Quality and precision of data

Washable textile


Muscle activity

By examining muscle activity, you get continuous information about imbalance and the trend of changes. This way you can act before any symptoms visible to the eye develop.


Biomechanics of movement

During the training, the player is subjected to continuous functional evaluation and technique evaluation thanks to the advanced algorithms created by us. Take away-medical lab. 


Heart activity

During training, the athlete’s heart is constantly monitored. Thanks to this, you can clearly see the threshold at which the athlete is currently working. When something bad happens to his heart, the reaction can be immediate.

Smart sensors

Higgsone biosensors, built into the suits themselves, were constructed to have minimal impact on training comfort and provide the most advanced, accurate data about the user.
 Track movement and posture, monitor training load, dehydration, fatigue and regeneration, and spot muscle use imbalance – all with a set of state-of-the-art smart clothes.
Tested against medical-grade equipment, our technology is as reliable as it gets.

Enhancing performance

True wirless

All information in one place

8h battery life

Analyzing data during training

Easy to use

Dedicated software

Software detecting injury risk via proprietary algorithm analyzing correlation between biosignals.

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When it comes to your health, there is no such thing as too much information.
Try our smart clothes out today and never go back to your regular training getup again, #WearHiggsone.