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Don’t let the threat of injury hang over your head. Our smart clothes were created with professional athlete teams in mind, aiming to create a safer future for sports, maximize training efficiency, and speed up recovery. Find out how Higgsone can benefit your team today:


Hamstring injury is one of the most common concerns for soccer players, with an RTS period of between 21 days and as much as 8 weeks.

Premier League spends as much as $300M on treatment and rehabilitation for injured players.

With Higgsone, you will be able to easily monitor vitals and muscle tension of your players, detect anomalies that could potentially result in injury, and big hamstring sprains and tears goodbye, once and for all.


Incorrect landing technique can lead to by far the most common injury in the world of volleyball – lateral ankle sprain. If treated improperly, these can be followed by re-injury and result in chronic pain, arthritis, and ongoing instability.

Higgsone’s smart clothes work on both fronts, tracing movement to detect improper posture, and monitoring rehab and post-injury training sessions to ensure maximum efficiency and appropriate RTS periods.


The NBA spends $350M on injury treatment annually, and for good reason. The severity of an ankle injury in basketball should not be underestimated, as it may result in chronic pain, arthritis, and limitation of sport activities if treated improperly. Rehabilitation is required to restore strength and maintain lower leg flexibility.

Within a team, it may be difficult to afford each player as much attention, as they deserve, and when it comes to health, there’s no such thing as too much information. With the automation awarded by Higgsone’s smart suits for athletes, you can easily monitor the team’s performance and rehab to know exactly when the players should take a break, and when they can return to the field.


Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury is one of the biggest worries of a football player, occurring both as a result of contact and independently – due to twisting, rapidly changing positions, or planting one’s knee. Female athletes are 2-8 times more likely to sustain an ACL injury.
The most severe types of ACL injury may even call for reconstructive surgery, making prevention all the more crucial.

With Higgsone, tailoring trainings to allow for building up ACL strength to minimize the risk of injury has never been easier! Through monitoring the players’ vitals, you can see which part of their training routine are working for them and which need adjusting, and create the perfect workout for each member of the team.


Constant lunges, changing position and rapid turns significantly increase the risk of damaging the lower back, hips and buttocks in tennis players.
This kind of overtraining and overuse of specific muscles are a very common cause for sports injury, and a highly avoidable one. At Higgsone, we’ve made it our mission to create technologies that spot overuse and nip it in the bud.

Start training smarter today.

Make innovation part of your training routine and see your team’s performance increase, as injuries become a thing of the past.
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